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Greetings Everyone, 

For the upcoming team pictures starting this week, please use this link to get a jump start on your ordering: 



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Pictures Schedule: 


Date Practice Time Team Coach Picture Time
10-Nov 6pm Girls U10 Connolly 7:15pm - after practice
10-Nov 6pm GirlsU12A Spadorcia 7:30pm - after practice
10-Nov 7pm Girls U12B Hines 6pm
10-Nov 7pm Girls U14A Naumann 6:30pm
12-Nov 8am Instructional Kelly after practice - 9am
12-Nov 9am SquirtA Reed 8:15am
13-Nov 6pm SquirtB2Blue Lovell 7:15pm - after practice
13-Nov 6pm SquirtB2White O'Donnell 7:30pm - after practice
13-Nov 6pm SquirtC Graham 7:45pm - after practice
13-Nov 7pm PeeWeeB2 Michienzi 6pm
13-Nov 7pm PeeWeeB DeVingo 6:30pm
14-Nov 7pm Mites (6 teams) Petty 6-7pm - (2) Photographers
15-Nov 7pm SquirtB DiBlasi 6pm
15-Nov 7pm PeeWeeC Harrison 6:30pm
15-Nov 8pm PeeWeeA Martin 6:45pm
15-Nov 8pm Bantam B2 Flynne 7:15pm
16-Nov 8pm BantamB Maroney 6:45pm
16-Nov 8pm BantamA Spadorcia 7:15pm
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